Taking care of your leather




Our products are coloured by the sun. The leather used is vegetable-tanned and not harmful for the environment in any way. We advise that you treat your product with a (UV) lotion for vegetable-tanned leather. Use this lotion every 8-12 weeks: it will protect the print on your bag. It will also maintain the natural moisture of your bag. Should you travel to sunny locations, use it more often. Also avoid leaving your bag in direct sunlight, as it may change the colour of your bag. Finally, be careful during the rainy season. Leather is permeable and not entirely waterproof! For more information about the UV lotion email customerservice@lindavs.nl


Your bag might have a scratch or spot when you receive it. Don't worry, this is perfectly natural. It also makes your product unique: that’s the beauty of leather. We work exclusively with Natural Eco Leather. Not just because it’s better for both people and planet, it’s also the best way to apply our trademark: the sun. The unsealed leather actually allows scratches to accumulate, while the gentle tanning solutions allow natural marks in the hide to show. We consider any visible scratch or mark to be beautiful, completely natural and above all unique.

Of course we want all of our customers to be pleased with their Sunny Side Up products. Which is why we seal all products with a UV protector, so the prints won't disappear too quickly. This layer of protection will disappear in time. Of course we’ll continue to search hard for the perfect solution to keep our prints intact naturally. This of course takes time. Meanwhile, the customers who prefer something less polished can return or exchange their product.


You may notice a slight variation in the colour of certain products. This is due to the natural process of leaving our leather out
in the sun. Again, this is what makes our products unique. Naturally, the photos we show on our website are intended to match the product as closely as possible, so you know exactly what to expect from your Sunny Side Up product. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the colour you see on your screen is exactly what you will end up receiving.

Please contact us if you are not happy with the colour of your Sunny Side Up product. We will do our very best to advise you on whether you should exchange or return your product.